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About Dr. Kubanek
About Dr. Erica Kubanek

My passion for natural medicine has its roots in my childhood. As an avid camper at a young age, I saw the healing power of nature and the delicate balance in which nature can flourish.

My path to natural medicine started with my own personal discovery of the healing power of nature. In my early adulthood, I began to feel I had lost touch with nature and my health began to change. Suffering from ailments so early in my adulthood got me searching for answers. I stumbled upon a book on how to cleanse my diet and body and how to eat nutritiously. Shocked and amazed at the immediate change in my weight, mood and overall health, I decided to learn more.

By the time I moved from basic medical research in the field of genetics to naturopathic studies, I was feeling happier and more balanced than I believe I ever have. Over 4 years of graduate-level training in naturopathic medicine I loved learning the intricacies of the human body from a reductionist biomedical and a holistic natural perspective. I have been given the foundation of an eclectic and powerful form of medicine.

Now in my private practice, I see those learned principles prove themselves over and over again. When the barriers to health are removed, the fundamentals for health given, everyone has the capacity to improve their health for the long term.

I wish to empower patients with a proactive approach to care. My mission is to provide the utmost quality of care with natural medicine while fostering innate healing. In my practice, I emphasize vibrant service, humanity, and sustainability in business. My approach to health care is strongly based in the naturopathic principles and evidence-based natural medicine.
As your naturopathic doctor, I promise to listen to you and to the signs and symptoms your body is telling us. I promise to work with you, as your advocate and a team member on your journey to health.


Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Institute for Naturopathic Medicine, New Westminster
Bachelor of Science, Honors in Molecular Genetics – University of Alberta, Edmonton


Dr Erica Kubanek ND is part of the team and Managing IV Doctor at The IV Health Centre in Yaletown.