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Hi, I am just wondering what, or if, you have any innovative ideas about fibromyalgia?

Good Question!

My approach to care is in Functional Medicine. You can learn more about this approach¬†here. This approach to care, in itself, is innovative. I am trained as an expert in health, not disease. So my treatments focus on creating health: ¬†removing causes of disease, treating body with natural (or rarely¬†pharmaceuticals) substances to foster health… all the while palliating symptoms to improve quality of life while healing is the ultimate goal.
With fibromyalgia in particular I find that healing the gut, finding and treating any toxic exposures or infections and decreasing inflammation are the main targets I use. All of this takes time and patience and trust in the process.
In addition, I recommend taking advantage of the wealth of health care professionals at Qi Integrated Health to augment care. Acupuncture, massage, and other therapies are excellent additions to help manage stress, decrease inflammation, improve sleep and other important quality of life factors.
I hope this note helps you understand our approach to care.
Dr e

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