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It’s a question I often get asked by inquisitive folks and my new patients. ‘And what is it for?’ My answer is often simple: it’s an effective physical medicine that initiates a whole body healing response. ‘Oh…’ is the response I usually get. Excitedly, I like to clarify by explaining: it’s a series of soft tissue manipulations that target the nervous system, the fascia and lymphatic system of your body. We can achieve significant pain relief and healing by resetting your body to a relaxed and regenerative state. Pain signals in your nervous system reboot. Your fascia becomes more fluid. The circulation of lymph fluid and of blood to your tissues is enhanced. Pain is reduced.  Your innate healing response and regenerative abilities are triggered. ‘Would Bowen be good for me?’ What a great question! Any state of dis-ease can be eased by the Bowen method because it induces a state of healing and regeneration. From chronic conditions such as asthma to acute sports injury to migraines; Bowen is a profound method for inducing whole body healing. I have many tools in my tool belt as a naturopathic doctor. Bowen is one of my favorite tools. I see profound healing… Read more >