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The future of medicine is a movement Functional medicine has been slowly and quietly growing for decades as chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease) increase dramatically. The future of medicine is now growing exponentially as we discover that the causes of chronic diseases are attributed to our environment. Its our food, our water and our air that cause disease. The more we disrupt the balance of biology; the sicker we become. The more chemicals we put into our bodies in the place of whole, real foods; the sicker we become. Forget disease entirely Instead, consider: what is causing your body to become dysfunctional? To treat chronic disease we must remove what causes an imbalance and disrupts the normal function of the complex system. Then we must provide what creates balance. Simple? Almost. Functional medicine is not naturopathic approach, it is not conventional approach, it is the intelligent use of systems biology and our in depth understanding of biology and physiology. Functional medicine will revolutionize your health When I treat my patients for their main health concerns (pain, irritable bowel syndrome, acne, stress, depression) they feel better with a few important changes to their lifestyle and some well prescribed remedies. If we… Read more > This year I moved into a new home in East Van. It’s lovely. It suits us so well. When we moved in I gave it a loving scrub; a spring-cleaning. Everything felt right in the world as I vowed to always keep it sparkling clean. Time passed and as it did so did my promise to keep it bright. Spots appeared, ignored on my stove, splashes on my mirrors, and mysterious splotches on my floors. Dust crept into each corner followed by spiders and cobwebs. Now with the change of the season comes another attempt to tackle and tame the mess that is bound to accumulate. Change begins in your own home. Healing the planet, one patient at a time  - Dr Jozef Krop, MD One of my basic treatment principles is to avoid environmental exposures. And what better place to begin than at home? Outdoor pollution accumulates in your air and your dusty corners. Mold builds irritating or downright dangerous colonies can grow in your damp places. Even the cleaners sold on grocery store shelves have lurking dangers. The following are some guidelines to create a home oasis where your health is fostered. Culprit#1 Dust What’s in it? Dust in… Read more >