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Hi Erica, if I'm eating no yogurt, other than taking supplements, how can I ingest probiotics through normal food? Is it only in fermented foods like sauerkraut? During the elimination detox I didn't eat any fermented foods. Does that mean we can be healthy from a diet without probiotics? Good question! In my opinion we can be healthy without taking probiotics. The microflora (bugs found in probiotics!) that are good for our body are found in many types of food, but the best sources are fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, home made yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, etc. The little bugs live in our bellies, on our skin, in our noses and everywhere else. They are quite capable of keeping balanced and healthy in a robust body system. However, when our systems are out of balance or we are exposing ourselves to things that affect the health of our microflora (chlorine from our drinking water, air pollution, toxic metals in our bodies, nutrient poor foods and on and on) then they get killed off and other less friendly bugs can take their place which can create symptoms or disease. So: I see taking probiotics or having a healthy diet that includes fermented foods… Read more > This year I moved into a new home in East Van. It’s lovely. It suits us so well. When we moved in I gave it a loving scrub; a spring-cleaning. Everything felt right in the world as I vowed to always keep it sparkling clean. Time passed and as it did so did my promise to keep it bright. Spots appeared, ignored on my stove, splashes on my mirrors, and mysterious splotches on my floors. Dust crept into each corner followed by spiders and cobwebs. Now with the change of the season comes another attempt to tackle and tame the mess that is bound to accumulate. Change begins in your own home. Healing the planet, one patient at a time  - Dr Jozef Krop, MD One of my basic treatment principles is to avoid environmental exposures. And what better place to begin than at home? Outdoor pollution accumulates in your air and your dusty corners. Mold builds irritating or downright dangerous colonies can grow in your damp places. Even the cleaners sold on grocery store shelves have lurking dangers. The following are some guidelines to create a home oasis where your health is fostered. Culprit#1 Dust What’s in it? Dust in… Read more >