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I prescribe an elimination diet to patients several times a week. This diet is specifically designed to discover food sensitivities affecting your skin, your gut, energy or weight gain. It’s not easy to make drastic changes to ones’ diet so I prescribe the same diet to myself annually, just so that I can help guide patients through it for success. I am well into my annual elimination diet and I learn something new every time. This year I needed to appreciate my allies. Allies can be found in foods, people and habits. I suggest you find your allies to ensure success on your elimination diet. People: It’s tough to make major changes in your life. Even tougher if you are doing it alone or you keep running into resistance from the people who surround you. If you can put this therapeutic diet into practice with a friend, or even a loved one, your chances of success are much better. Food: Your go-to foods that are convenient, easy and quick will likely be tossed to the back burner. So before you start, do some searching and find foods that will also serve you and fit in this elimination plan. Stock up… Read more > So you think you react to what you eat. Perhaps you have a food intolerance, or allergy, or sensitivity? How do you uncover your food reactions? The medicine around food reactions is changing. It used to seem so black and white: you have a peanut allergy, which is obvious, or you don’t. But these days we have blogs and news and conversations around other types of food reactions. First: lets start by breaking down the potential reactions to food you or your loved ones may be experiencing! Food Allergy This one seems familiar, although relatively uncommon. An allergy is typically an immediate-type reaction to a food. This one can also be very dangerous in the most severe forms. They may begin to swell in their airway and this can become a medical emergency. The most common allergies are peanuts and shellfish. Food sensitivity Hmmm, does this one exist? I have read a few well-meaning web articles that want to convince me that there is no such thing as a food sensitivity, especially in regard to gluten. However in my clinical practice I see food sensitivities every day! These are more delayed-type reactions. They can occur from 1 hour to several… Read more >