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A healthy digestive system is as important as a healthy diet. You are also made up of what you can digest and absorb. I have found that many people, like you, watch what they eat yet sill have digestive problems or signs of nutritional deficiencies like weak nails and bumpy dry skin. We can support your digestive system to improve your overall health. Here are some common remedies for digestion. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that should inhabit your gut. They are killed off by antibiotic use, chemicals in our food and our water. They need supplementation to help your belly remain happy and keep you healthy. The quality of probiotics varies greatly. Ensure that your friendly bugs are dosed in the billions, refrigerated and third party tested to ensure a quality supplement. Digestive enzymes can be helpful when taken with a rich meal or one with your offending foods. Take them about 15 minutes before a meal so that they are active when you take that first bite. They can be a quick fix but shouldn’t be needed long term. If you do need them long term then your digestive fire could use some stoking. Try using a bitter… Read more >