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What is it? IV nutrient therapy is the use of vitamins, minerals and other natural compounds that are delivered intravenously (IV). This safe and effective treatment allows for the application of active nutrients to treat various health conditions and to increase your sense of wellbeing, lasting from several days to months. Why receive IV nutrient therapy? IV doses of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium and B vitamins are safe and effective. We can replace nutrients that are depleted because of long-term stress, chronic disease, medication or alcohol use.  High doses of certain vitamins, namely vitamin C, are antiviral. These doses are much higher than we are able to absorb from food or supplementation and thus are more effective. What are the benefits of IV nutrient therapy? Prevention and treatment of the common cold and influenza viruses Enhancing athletic performance Improving stress management Decreasing anxiety and insomnia Improving mood and mental clarity Replacing depleted nutrients Please post any other questions below! Read more > What do I recommend for staying healthy this autumn? Your best bet is several-fold: get plenty of sleep, wash your hands regularly and get a high dose of IV vitamin C. I offer intravenous (IV) vitamin C treatments to patients who are hoping to prevent catching the circulating cold bug, to avoid getting sick AGAIN or to treat the bug that they already caught. These treatments are about 1-hour long and you receive a high dose of vitamin C with many other vitamins and minerals that help bolster your immune system. What is it that makes the IV effective? Firstly, vitamin C is antiviral. A Chinese study in 2012 showed that high dose (pharmacological dose) vitamin C is active against the influenza virus inside of human cells.  A US study in 2014 showed that IV vitamin C was not only helpful at eliminating the virus that causes mono but also replaced the deficiency of vitamin C caused by the virus. The minerals in the IV are also helpful to improving your immune's response to viruses. Specifically, zinc is essential to have a healthy immune system. This mineral and others such as selenium give you a fighting chance against a cold or flu. Clinically, I have found… Read more >